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Hot items recommended for CNY gifts!

Serums & Haircare goodies might be the good ones for him/her? Get some of them for FREE when purchasing with our monthly promotion set!

Illumaboost serums from a pouch with citrus printing

Best shield for your skin

The secret weapon for your skin - Victamin C, this serum helps fade dark spots, boosts collagen and fights off damaging free radicals!

Hand holding eye serum in front of a plant

Age IQ™ Eye Serum

The magic of science and nature together in this transformative formula, keep the delicate under eye area supple and smooth! Take it from us , you'll be hooked from Day ONE!

A simple picture of Proluxe shampoo standalone.

ProLuxe™ Rebalancing Shampoo

Deliver professional-grade results for healthier, younger-looking hair! Recommended to ALL hair types!

Standalone picture of Proluxe Hair mask.

ProLuxe™ Hair Mask

Need a burst of hydration and protection for your hair, you may try our ProLuxe™ Hair Mask anytime! Simply apply from root to ends and leave on as long as desired! The easiest hair repair EVER!

Image of woman working with laptop, writing In a notebook with a bottle of Firm Body Contour Cream on the table.

Seize the (SELF) Love!

This month is all about love, and we think it’s the perfect time to turn that love inward and focus on what really matters to you, to your family, and to your future. When you choose to become a Brand Partner (your own boss!) the opportunities to create the life you want are just beginning.

As a way to get you off to an amazing start, New Brand Partners will get a FREE Age IQ Eye Serum this month with any enrolment pack purchase! Plus, you’ll have the chance to start earning up to 25% commissions and up to HK$1,750 In bonuses,!

So what are you waiting for? Show yourself some love and start owning your future today and for years to come.

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